Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Being happy is easy. But sometimes it's a choice. And the funny thing about humans is, sometimes we choose NOT to be happy, because being unhappy makes us happier.

When we sacrifice ourselves, it might be painful but sometimes it makes us happier.

What is happiness?

Is it to hold the hand of the one you love or to let him/her go so that he/she can really be happy?

Is it to drop the atomic bomb to kill 20,000 civilians to make the rest of the world happy?

Is it to give in or to let go?

All of us are just trying to be happy.

But different things make different people happy.

Facebook, music, shopping malls make us happy but a soccer ball, a field, neighbours and food make people who live in villages happy.

A Buddhist monk seeks peace and meditates and he is happy. A Catholic prays the rosary and that is key to peace and happiness in his life.

Having the whole world makes YOU happy but having you alone, makes me happy.

Some of us look happy on the outside but inside, we are dying.

Some of us look like we're dying on the outside, but we are happy in our hearts and we can smile.

I think there's no one standard to make ourselves happy.

You are happy and so am I.

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