Thursday, December 31, 2009

Go where you wanna go tonight~

About 9 more hours before 2009 says byebye to all of us.

2009 was strange. Well the first 3 MONTHS OF 2009 WAS HORRIBLE. The rest of the year was well, alright.

Just don't do resolutions today cos' we never keep them.

Don't say "OH this year I am gonna do this and that!" cos' we never keep them too.

So just grab 2009 by the collar and strangle it, I mean get the most out of it today.

Whether you are clubbing (drink responsibly please!), going for a family gathering, hanging out with friends, I hope you truly enjoy yourself.

And since it's the last day of the year, PLEASE don't go to somewhere you don't feel like going.

For once, pamper and love yourself.

If you wanna go to the park, go but please bring torchlights.

If you wanna go to your lover's house, go, but please don't end up quarreling.

If you wanna go to Chinatown (for some reason), go but it's not Chinese New Year yet.

If you wanna go to Changi Village, go but please don't pick up the wrong kind of people...

If you wanna go to Marina Barrage, go too, but expect to do nothing but push and shove around.

If you wanna go to Choa Chu Kang, go, but I don't know what's so exciting about my hood.

If you wanna go Woodlands, sorry, but you will go hungry cos' the food court in Causeway Point closed down.

If you wanna go to Bt Timah Hill, go but countdown with monkeys.

Ok. Just go where you wanna go tonight. NOT where you don't wanna go.

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