Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 paths

Sometimes, people think I am a "sad case" because I have "changed" over the last one year. But that isn't really the case. Most of the time, people change because they WANT to CHANGE to a better position or want a POSITIVE change.

I changed yes I know. And things have changed. But that doesn't make me a sad case and you shouldn't feel sad for me. No one should.

Life is fair. You get some you lose some. I get some I lose some. So who is really the sad case? No one!

Some choose this path. Some choose that path. This is life. Not everyone must walk the path you walk right?

Because I feel better now. I feel like I am no longer obliged to do the things I was taught to do! Now I can exercise the basic human right - freedom of choice, MORE now than a year ago.

Why feel sad for me, my friends?

Rejoice I say!

With no sarcasm, I really don't want to see some of my friends being stuck in there always. They can't see past themselves and their "values". No sarcasm intended. But I hope they would see my side of the story.

And I hope they find their freedom and their own, individual paths soon.

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