Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 about to byebye

Defining moments of 2009.

- My last grandparent, my grandmother passed on, early this year.

- I grew up a lot. My life. My thoughts. My experiences. People are not what they seem to be. Things are not what they seem to be. I am not what I seem to be.

- I learned that humans can turn very ugly. Yes, people around me, and myself included. We turn ugly when our interests are concerned. Just like animals, we protect our interests and "territories".

- Friends are important and as I go through my lowest point in life, many friends have come forward to help me. That includes Huishan, Huijin, Jaslyn, Yelnats, Kenny Chua, my brother, sister and mom (in little ways), and many others who understand what I am going through, thanks for your little words, actions. That is the human spirit.

That's about it. As the year closes, I look back. This was a very eventful year. Some were a waste of time, a waste of my effort and some were just plain, fun, memorable and nice.

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