Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 last few days

My last few days of 2009 - Parties, a bit of town, dinners, get-togethers. Nothing fanciful. Nothing big. Come on it's not like we kept up with our new year resolutions. So forget about thos cheesy new year resolutions.

We NEVER keep them.

Last few days of 2009 -

Crazy turnout at Orchard

I stood here TWICE already to take a photo. Once in 2008 and once this year in 2009

My sis' birthday simple dinner

These last few months of 2009, I have been hearing Singaporeans talk a lot about ---

1. Facebook (Like who added you and who commented on what)

2. Singapore Idol, which I personally don't give a heck about

3. I-phone. Ya that war going on

4. Christmas and all the last minute gifts

5. New Year and 2010

6. Twitter (I never get to learn how to use this. Darn)

7. 313, Ion Orchard Mall and expectantly, Uniqlo

Well, to sum up 2009, I wanna say look at me.

Life goes on, with or without fairy godmothers, Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.

I am fine and well!

Life goes on with or without those "people".

Life goes on with or without your "precious two cents worth".


You guys can remain stuck! And remain like the whole world needs your approval.

BYE 2009!

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