Monday, November 16, 2009

10 signs of our animal instincts

Why Scientists classify us under animals and signs of us having an animal nature -

1. Humans are territorial, just like animals. Look at the countless wars we fought over land. Look at how we draw out our territory with potted plants, shoes on our HDB corridors so that our neighbours don't infringe onto our land. Then look at how dogs run around marking their territories with their pee and bark at each other because of territory.

Look at our tailbone. As I have blogged earlier on, our tailbones are similar to the ones chimpanzees and gorillas have. Both humans and great apes have NO outward tail but a tailbone because over millions of years we have evolved in such a way that our tails are no longer needed.

Both animals and humans have morals. A bull will protect his young from lions AS MUCH AS a human mother will protect her baby from harm. Lions fail in 70% of their hunts because preys protect each other.

4. The "immoral" side - Both animals and humans commit strange acts like infanticide, cannibalism, incest etc.

. Look at how male lions fight with each other for a compatible mate. For humans, it's the same. There is often fierce competition between males for a female's heart. We strive to be the one to "get the girl" and do all sorts of things to impress. Humans dance, do nice stuff, talk smooth, we act nice to attract the opposite sex's attention. Animals display bright colours, strength, or dance weird, or a display of affection such as licking to gain attention.

Whales sing a song to attract mates, while lions fight to display strength. Humans? We show we are strong, capable, goodlooking too, to attract the opposite sex!

6. Animals hang out in groups for protection, affirmation, identity, cooperation work, to play and work. It is very obvious that we humans do the same too.

7. Our skeletal structure is so similar to the chimpanzees', if we strip off our skins, it's quite hard to differentiate.

8. Gene studies have found out that we are 96% similar to chimpanzees.

9. We use smells and scents to attract attention, usually of the opposite sex. It is the same for animals. Mice and hamsters release smells to attract the attention of potential mates too.

10. We fight to be on top of the food chain, and we are. We eat other animals, creatures and plants just like how animals in the wild do it. Pigs, monkeys, bears, birds, rats are all omnivores like human beings. Being an omnivore increases the chance of survival in situations when food is scarce. It is a survival tactic, an animal instinct.

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