Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh my god, 2012!

Is the world really going to end in 2012 or in the next hundred or thousand years?

Answer : NO. A BIG FAT NO. The world is only going to end in a few millions years' time, when the Sun is about to die and then it will turn into a Red Giant and engulf the earth, as with other Suns in the universe.

Some reasons for the end of the world in 2012 given by doomsday-sayers are -

1. Sun storms or solar flares
2. Polar shift

3. Most powerful volcano erupting

4. Mayan calendar

All these reasons are false and not factual. People who do not study, do not read a bit more will fall for the hoax of 2012.

1. Solar flares happen all the time and the earth hasn't been destroyed, obviously. NASA only predicted that the solar flare in 2013 may be stronger than usual, and perhaps as strong as the 1956 solar max. But did we all die a horrible death in 1956? No. Life went on as usual.

Solar flares happen all the time. No "killer" solar flare has ever occured with our Sun and other suns.

2. Big polar magnetic shifts happen over thousands of years and not within a few days. Moreover, the positions of North and South Poles have always been shifting due to disturbances of the geomagnetic field by charged particles from the Sun. The North Pole has been found in different places. No ill-effects have been observed. The last big polar magnetic shift occured 700,000 years ago and there was no annihilation of all species.

3. The supervolcano underneath Yellowstone park will not erupt any time soon. NO geologists have confirmed it will erupt. A Yellowstone eruption is not a MUST-HAPPEN. Volcanic cycles are chaotic, unpredictable so if anyone can predict it will erupt in 2012, he/she must possess some kind of "supernatural" knowledge, which is of course not reliable.

Yellowstone Park

4. No one uses the Mayan Calendar anymore by the way. This should tell you how accurate this calendar is. Who relies on mythologies for the study of the earth and the universe??


  1. Hey Dee. Haha. Yea. Kinda like a summary why it's a hoax.

  2. (Solar flares happen all the time. No "killer" solar flare has ever occured with our Sun and other suns.) - What !!! Are you saying you have knowledge of other suns ? of all of them ? all several billion billion of them ?, I think not......

  3. If a stellar flare occured on our sun as it does in other suns it would wipe out earth. As it happens our sun is of an age where it has become stable so this should not happen.

  4. one day our sun will be like any star and become a black hole

  5. your mom has a black hole....

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