Monday, November 23, 2009

Hippo and Friends

EVER wonder why the Hippopotamus look so different from other mammals? So hairless? So cute? SO SHORT LEGS?

Answer - Evolution

1. Hippopotamus share a SEMI-AQUATIC COMMON ANCESTOR with whales, dolphins. Their ancestors lived on land and water more than 60 million years ago, with short legs, little fur, suited for the water environment.

2. The legs of the whales, dolphins have disappeared (just like our tails have) and have become FULLY aquatic creatures because of evolution over millions of years.

3. The hippo's legs are shorter than MOST mammals and SEEM to be disappearing. If the hippo continues to dwell in water and if water is the best place for it to survive, its legs will soon disappear in a few million years' time. The hippos will evolve into aquatic creatures, just like its whale cousins, IF the water is the best place for it to survive.

4. It might sound ridiculous and impossible but evolution of species is supported by TONNES of evidence. Bone structures, gene studies, zoological studies etc. AND we know viruses evolve too and that is why vaccines keep changing.

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