Monday, November 16, 2009

Giant Shopping and BBQ

Couldn't resist taking photo of these 2 plush toys. SO CUTE. My sister's boyfriend won for her.

Dinner at Fish and Co, IMM.

We are such loving humans. We skin animals and display their carcasses. I think I wanna be a vegetarian.

Can't resist this. SALMON. Wow.

This fish is about 60 cm long, or even longer.

Went for a BBQ tonight. It's the first time I did not feel like eating at all. Was happy just BBQ-ing the food for my friend and his guests. Well I FAILED at starting the fire. I never fail before but this time round I FAILED. I think it's because of the charcoal. Some sub-standard charcoal.

SAFRA Jurong BBQ pits cost $30 per pit! And it's sheltered and very spacious. Chairs and tables provided. The only thing is the pit is very shallow. Not very easy to start fires.

What a night. I hold the TONG until my thumb's so numb now.

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