Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fall of Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall built to prevent East Berliners to escape to West Berlin

Yesterday marked the fall of the Berlin Wall, 20 years ago, and the reunification of Germany.

Berlin was separated into East and West by the Berlin Wall. East and West Berlin were governed by then Communist Soviet Union and the Allied Forces respectively.

When the wall was built, many people often wanted to escape from Communist East Berlin because the Communist state was very controlling. They controlled the citizens' movements, actions, behaviour and even speech. The Communist government was above reproach and criticisms. There was no place for freedom.

In that kind of circumstance, many East Berliners chose to escape East Berlin.

In all, there were 5000 successful escapes to West Berlin.

The economy of East Berlin was collapsing due to thousands of East Berliners leaving. As a result, the East Berlin government issued shooting orders, to shoot anyone who tried to climb over thw Berlin wall.

The guards often let escapees bleed to death in the middle of the wall (between East and West Berlin). The most notorious failed attempt, was that of Peter Fechter (aged 18). He was shot and bled to death in full view of the Western media, on August 17, 1962.

Peter Fechter bleeding to death at the Wall section between East and West Berlin

The walls were reinforced with automated guns, mines, barbed wire etc.

Some famous successful escapes include using a hot air balloon, building airplanes and even building tunnels below the walls. East Berliners were VERY desperate to escape Communist East Berlin.

And when the walls fell and Germany reunified, millions of Germans celebrate freedom.

Humans treasure freedom. And we often fight hard to gain freedom. It's in our nature to want and desire freedom. Fight for your freedom if necessary. It is all worthwhile.

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  1. November 9 1989 the infamous barrier is breaking apart the new era of freedom is reborn after 28 years of division ended soon to become one country one nation once again since the end of Cold War lasted for 40 years(1949-89) all Eastern European nations transition to democracy & end of the communist led government came to an end all beloved countries of Europe becomes a prosperous democratic country once again for the future of Europe and the world.Thanks for the information. From:Wayne.