Thursday, November 12, 2009

Booze and games at Huishan's house

Anyway, someone commented my blog was BORING! Haha. I agree to a certain extent. I have been blogging more about evolution, dinosaurs and chimpanzees because I have been studying and reading these subjects. Pretty cool!

Had a fun time at Huishan's house. The group of us - how we met and knew each other a few years back is just hilarious and amusing. But well, I am thankful we are still friends after all the turmoil and challenges in life.

Had some wine and (was it?) Whiskey and loud music! Whoah. hahaha. We shall do it again soon and Huishan, make sure Munchung drives us around next time. LOL

And we drank responsibly! Munchung was driving and he did not drink!

Twister game - LOL super tiring

Guess what's on my forehead game. Who lose would have to drink a shot. LOL. - Enkai


Munchung and I

?I was making a lot of weird questions for this like "Who uses it more, men or women?" and "Do you use this to clean yourself?" LOL

Jas and I

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