Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bitesize thoughts

The pasta my friend prepared last week. Super nice. I wish I could cook like him. Crap. But I CAN'T even cook Maggie Mee well.


1. Those people who start wars say they have the right to do it to destroy the enemy. But it is those people who start wars who need to get slewed - Lily Allen's song

2. I just had "LAO SAI". I think it's the brownie OR MAYBE THE BA ZHANG (rice dumpling) I bought last night.

3. There is a RAFFLES CITY MALL in Chengdu. I just got to know it a few days ago.

4. I just learned about the benefits of Yoga. It can increase lubrication of joints, ligaments, massage all body organs, help lose weight, tone the body, detoxify the body and increased flexibility of the body.

5. We should all stop pointing fingers and take some blame. Open up our hearts and start living life.

6. As we sit here, reading this blog and updating our status, a soldier is dying in Iraq, yelling his wife's and children's name in pain. Wars can never be justified.

7. Somewhere out there, there is SOMEONE, a cousin, a boy, a girl, a grandfather, a mother who loves YOU unconditionally and religiously. So don't despair my friend.

8. Is it true that money can solve our problems? But it seem like with more money we make, the bigger our problems get.

9. Gandhi said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I say I totally agree.

10. You see the American media telling us that America is a very cool, fun and exciting country to be in. Songs like "Waking up in Vegas" and "Party in the USA" really make me wonder if America is what it is. On the other hand, you don't see a lot of local singers singing about Singapore, Merlion and Sentosa. Singapore lacks a soul.

11. You and your whole crew. Your words don't translate so please don't stay in touch.

I don't know who you think you are but making people scared won't get you very far - Lily Allen's song.

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