Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bangla and China workers of Singapore

I think we take a lot of things for granted as Singaporeans.

Our country is rich. We have big malls, enough food, (most of the time more than enough). We go for brands, we go for electronics, cars and we chase after American and Taiwanese shows.

We often forget the most important people that made our city possible.

I am talking about our modern Coolies and Samsui women - The "Bangla" worker and the China men who come all the way here to help build our city.

Many times I hear young people or even adults making fun of the "Banglas" or saying how they hate China workers.

Seriously, these people are just ungrateful and uneducated.

Take a look at the construction sites and the Banglas and China men TOILING under the scorching Singapore sun. Look at how they sweat for our city, how they receive MINIMAL WAGES and how they only have ONE DAY OFF per week.

Construction work ain't easy at all. They have to carry long wooden planks or heavy metal pipes, climb to great heights to install equipment and face MANY work hazards everyday. All these are work that SINGAPOREANS will never want to do.

And some of them even DIE in Singapore because of screwed up employers.

And here we are, some of us, laughing at them.

We poke fun at Banglas by saying "oh we can't see them at night cos' they're so dark" or at China men by saying "they talk so loud on their phones cos' China is very far away."

And we conveniently forget that if without them, no one would build our houses and shopping malls.

I say, if they are such an eyesore to some Singaporeans, then those Singaporeans who find them an eyesore should go and build our Integrated Resorts and HDB flats for us.

So this post is dedicated to our Bangla and China workers.

Thank you.

And I have not even touched on how we make fun of Pinoys. That's just..bad.


  1. Hi,
    i chance upon your blog post while doing my research for a school assignment. Your post has been nothing but awakening. And i am glad that there are people out there, like you, who are not irrationally ruled by selfish emotions. the topic on foreign workers is something which most of us, should really think of because holding any form of prejudice (eg.jokes) or discrimination against them.

    good post! :B

  2. hey kyer,

    Thanks man. I walked past a construction site recently and decided to blog about this.

    We should recognise their effort. :)

    And we should help them integrate into Singapore and make their lives here easy.