Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 places you must visit in Singapore!

The school vacation is here! Are you running out of places to explore in Singapore? FEAR NOT, citymadcat is here to recommend 10 places you must visit whether you are local or foreigner. On this tiny island of mine, there are in fact lots of places to explore!

Number 1 - Little India

Little India offers interesting tastes, smells and sights too. There, you can try DELICIOUS, authentic Indian food. There is 24hr shopping at Mustafa Centre too! And the things are SUPER CHEAP! Temples, little shops selling Indian goods and many many more! Head down there on a Saturday to EXPERIENCE the chaos and beauty of Little India!

Number 2 - Geylang, dubbed the NEW Chinatown of Singapore

Singapore's red light district offers a different "idea" of Singapore. Singapore is not all "clean" and obedient! I am not encouraging prostitution but well, it's just there in Geylang so go have a look! Geylang is also dubbed the NEW CHINATOWN of Singapore by many locals. Very good Chinese cuisine can be found there! Forget Chinatown. It's so dead and commercialised. Geylang is the new place to experience the Chinese culture! GO AT NIGHT.

Number 3 - The Singapore Zoological Gardens

Our zoo is world-renowned. It is well-known for trying to re-create the natural habitat of the animals instead of just keeping them in cages and enclosures. White tigers, lions, baboons, penguins, polar bears. You name it they have it!

Number 4 - Sentosa Island

The beaches in Singapore are the cleanest at Sentosa Island. This is where young locals go and have a game of beach volleyball or a tan. There are many pubs and bars lined up along the beach. Also check out the Underwater World!

Number 5 - The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel in the world currently, bigger than the London Eye. Go up on it and view Singapore's beautiful city skyline!

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