Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 photos that set me thinking about life

The power of human love

A Sudanese child dying of hunger. A vulture awaits its meal. Every year, 10 million children die from hunger worldwide, and this number has not decreased for decades, even though many countries are getting richer.

The 2004 Asian Tsunami. So close to us, yet we were spared from Nature's wrath. 140,000 plus people killed and drowned. Whole cities ruined. Life is so fragile and we are so tiny.

Another hungry child in Africa. It pains me but what are we doing to help them?

The Abu Grahib Prison Abuse - American troops abused and murdered a few Middle Eastern terrorist suspects in their prison. Set me thinking about how power can corrupt the human being.

The collapse of the world's finance icon, the Twin Towers. The world watched in horror on Sept 11, 2001 as humans kill and destroy each other.

The Holocaust - The German army, bent on doing their job, murdered children, babies and women in cold blood.
Innocent Palestinian father and son shot by Israeli troops during crossfire. Father tries to wave at troops to signal that they are unarmed but to no avail. Son dies from fatal wounds. Wars can never be justified.

I used to think that animals have no souls and are not capable of loving, caring and protecting. This photo has proved me wrong.

This image shocked America and the world and I. Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if it means falling to your death.

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