Sunday, October 18, 2009

The scientific explanation of the origins of life (2)


Abiogenesis is the study of how life originated on earth, scientifically. Amino acids, the substance NECESSARY for life to begin with, CAN FORM BY ITSELF, naturally under the right circumstances.

Through the Miller-Urey Experiment, scientists have successfully stimulate the right conditions for amino acids to form on its own.

Amino acids when formed, can group together to form proteins and thereby life becomes a big possibility.

Scientific experiments are important to find out certain things in life. For example, how did we know that clouds are made up of water? By a reproduction of the water cycle in labs, we know, and we need not travel up to the skies to check out the clouds.

photo by sylvester

Similiarly, the Miller-Urey Experiment has reproduced the conditions of early earth and shown that under the right conditions, life can begin.

A matter of chance when life began?

Some people say there is no such a thing as "chance" or coincidence.

But we know as a FACT, that things do happen by chance.

AND chance or coincidence isn't ugly. It is beautiful that many things can happen by chance

If you study probability, given enough time, anything can happen. Things often happen randomly around us if we realise, without a need for any reason. And life could have begun through ABIOGENESIS, by chance.

For example, a monkey sitting beside a car, is something that could happen randomly. No one asked the monkey to be there and no one purposefully placed the car there for the monkey to be there. It was a coincidence, something that happened by chance.

Another example would be an elephant trampling on a cap that was dropped by a hunter a few years back. This could also happen based on pure coincidence.

When I slap you and in the process you move back and you accidentally step on a cockroach, did anyone "plan" for that to happen?

No. It was something that happened because of pure chance.

Similarly, life on earth could have just happened by pure chance under the right conditions, with no reason needed.