Friday, October 2, 2009

How have you helped the world practically?

I was watching 明星志工队, (Stars for a cause) on Channel U, a show that feature celebrities going on overseas trips to help the less fortunate.

I think all of us should go on trips like these. Constructive trips that help build schools for the kids in Cambodia. Or build a dyke for the villagers in China because their village constantly gets flooded by the river. Or be a volunteer at the local hospital in South Africa. Even nearer to home, we could go on trips in Malaysia's rural areas to build houses.

Some of the episodes for example featured Michelle Chia help build a dyke (forgot where) and Elvin Ng in Malaysia help build a school.

Back to the show, Ben (the celebrity) was in India I believe, with a Singaporean medical attachment.

Ok the main point is NOT about Ben or the celebrity but it was good Channel U made an effort to help the world.

But the amazing thing is how humans would help fellow humans. These Singaporean doctors went to India to help treat the sick, infirmed and the poor, who have no money to see a doctor.

They were also planning to operate on 60 cataract patients in 3 days - all for free.

This kind of human love, that goes all the way really touches my heart. Yes, they might be doing it to promote their organistion, but I think their good deeds far outweigh anything else. How many people's lives have they saved because they were there? Countless. They saved many lives of those who cannot afford medicine and treatment.

These are GOOD people, regardless of where they are from, what race or religion or creed. These are good people and I admire them.

And we need MORE people like this in the world, who help not because they have some ulterior motive or some hidden agenda, but HELP because of natural love and compassion, that need NOT be taught.

We need people who HELP because they want to help the fellow human being, and HELP in PRACTICAL ways.

There was this scene of an Indian elderly woman who kept thanking the doctor for operating on her eye. She looked so adorable and lovely! And it really touched my heart and made me wonder what I have been doing to help the world. The old lady afterward commented that she is a devout Buddhist and will go to the temple to thank the Gods.

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