Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, good friend of 4 years (approx)

Seriously Huijin, I thought you would dress up on your 21ST birthday party, but well, TYPICAL YOU, YOU DIDN'T. But still, a good party with good friends won't need too much fanciful dressing and programs. Thanks Huijin for being a good friend for these few years, for tolerating my nonsense ( a few years back you know at where ).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MAY YOU MARRY SOON. Continue to meet up and crap please.

Sit around and have a nice, harmless gamble, though it's not Chinese New Year yet! LOL!

Melissa and Eunice!

The queen goddess and her feast!

Good old friends.

That day, we wore checked shirt, slim fit jeans and Timberland shoes, without discussing. LOL

"Long lost friend", Guizhen

Timothy and Huijn. So sweet yea. Wish you guys marry soon ah! LOL

Huijin and her spongebob

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