Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dedicated to my father - Thank you

Baby Sylvester and his Daddy

My dad died when I was 16, when I was about to take O levels in 2001. I remember that night clearly and vividly when the hospital called to say that he was involved in a motorbike accident.

He did not die immediately. He went into coma for 2 weeks before he passed on.

8 years on, I remember him as a good father. No doubt he drank quite a bit, came home late sometimes, but he always brought the bread home. He made sure the 3 of us siblings had a good childhood filled with toys, joy and laughter.

When we were very young, he and my mom would bring us to Orchard Road, funfairs and even the circus once at Kallang. Was he filthy rich? No, not really, but he did his best to give us a very beautiful childhood. He would also bring us to arcades and could easily spend 30 dollars with us in the games arcade.

His philosophy in life, if I remember clearly was to be exposed to as many things as possible. He once told me "Try everything, but do have self-control."

My father smoked and drank with me once. Many of you might say "What kind of father would do that with his son??" But he knew what he was doing. He wanted to show me it was important to have exposure with self-control, and also that it was alright for me to be open with him about what I was doing.

I also recall the nights when I would sit with him in the living room and bombard him with questions about life. Then a curious teenager, I had SO MANY questions. He would answer my questions patiently.

When he died, many times, my siblings and I had to find out many answers by ourselves. No doubt it was hard, but when we were put under the test, we became stronger.

If there was an afterlife (which I am sure there isn't one), I am sure my father is in heaven now. He was such a good man.

But with knowledge and science, I know he has died and he has simply ceased to exist. He has done his part for society and life and now he has passed this responsibility to me.

For now, he lives forever, not anywhere else, but in my heart.


  1. keng kiat! this entry reminded me of the time i went to TTSH to visit ya dad.. it was 8 years ago yet still vivid to me.

    Life goes on for the living. =) i'm glad you have moved on.

  2. HEY JESSIE! yea. haha. have moved on. Yea and i remember u guys coming! Yeap i havemoved on! :) ---Sylvester

  3. this almost brought me to tears. ='(

  4. hey tim :( haha. it's been some time since i saw u online.