Thursday, October 15, 2009

The day I thought I never get through, I got over you

I couldn't believe you were the one to build me up and tear me down.

When you slammed the front door shut, alot of others opened up, and so did my eyes so I can see that you were never the best for me.

I am glad I moved on. If I were still stuck, I would never see what was in store for me all these while.

I should have started running very long ago. I shouldn't even have started everything. A wrong step, a wrong move that ruined almost everything I have. Oh why was I so foolish?

And even when I ran from you, I know you were smashing up everything we shared and you were bent on not remembering me.

But I am better off without you now. So now as I rebuild my life, and put things back together, I want to say I got over you. I am slowly getting closure.

It's like a book that I wrote and I am ready to close it.

The horrifying scenes of you tearing my life apart are slowly disappearing. The memories are
dissipating like dark clouds hanging over me. The bitterness is slowly, but surely turning into sweetness in my mouth.

Now I thank you for letting me go.

I am no longer trapped by you.

So please,

just let me go.

Would you leave me alone.

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