Saturday, October 17, 2009

A City Cat's Must-dos

5 things a city person must do

1. Partying. What's a fun and exciting city without nightlife, without clubs, bars and pubs? A city person MUST head down for some nightlife now and then. Check out the drinks, the music and the gorgeous people around. Huge cities like Taipei, Bangkok and London are well known for vibrant, exciting nightlife!

2. Shopping. Glittery malls filled with international and local brands. A city person must shop to prove that he is a city dweller. Have you ever been seen with your hands holding many shopping bags? If not, it's time you do it if you live in a city like Singapore! Choose it. Orchard Road, Vivo City, Bugis Street.

3. Go on MSN, Facebook, MySpace late at night. Yes. This is what city people do. It seems like city people cannot sleep early! I have spoken to Americans, Australians, Thais, Chinese who stay in the cities. Going online is a favourite pastime for city dwellers. City dwellers just need to feel connected in a city because even if there are thousands of people, friends are hard to come by in a busy city.

4. Take the public transport, the bus or the train. City people need to get to everywhere, anywhere fast and that is why cities are well connected by trains and buses. The one thing you must do to prove that you are a city dweller is to take a bus or a train! SQUEEZE with the rush hour crowd, give rude stares at people who dash into the train and tap your card on the bus card reader!

5. Sit at an alfresco cafe and people watch. Starbucks, Coffeebean or any cafe. People watching is a must for city dwellers. Cities contain pretty girls and handsome guys, right? This BIG BOX HAS SO MANY SURPRISES! Sit there with a friend or alone and people watch. Well if you smoke, light up one and just immerse in the city atmosphere. Thousands of people walking by not one might know you! Very interesting experience!

So if you live in a city like Singapore, London, Paris, Tokyo, Taipei, you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you haven't done all of the above!

You are called a city dweller for a good reason, and moreover, SINGAPORE IS 100% URBANISED!

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