Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten Guilty Pleasures

Pleasure is my religion. I mean don't make me sound so sinful and evil, but once in a while, WHO doesn't indulge in pleasure?

I know you guys are getting so stressed up. It's nearing the end of the year and exams are coming. Offices, corporations are rushing to close the year soon, and also gain as much as possible from the upcoming festive season.

So I have come up with a list of indulgences, a list of pleasurable activities that you can DO when your break comes.

Well, if you love to, you could start doing them this WEEKEND!

So here goes. My list of TEN GUILTY PLEASURES. (Take note that some of these activities are NOT recommended for minors and kids below the age of 18)

Guilty Pleasure 10
Sleep all day. Yea just be a sloth. Take one day off, and JUST SLEEP. Saturday or Sunday? Pick your day. Let it be your day. On the air-con, tuck into bed, pull up your blanket, get into your favourite pyjamas and just sleep all day. Forget that final year assignment for just a few hours. Forget your boss' face. Just, SLEEP. (and SNORE!) Sleep is a luxury and a pleasure in stressful, fast-pace Singapore!

Guilty Pleasure 9
International Buffet at Shangri-La - GO GO GO! GET all the
expensive food, the crayfish, the tiger prawns, the beautiful cupcakes, choice salmon
and a wide variety of SUSHI at your mercy!

Guilty Pleasure 8
100% Chocolate cake, topped with whipped cream - Chomp it down, like there's NO TOMMORROW. Yes taste the sweetness and fullness of it in your mouth. Forget about wiping the chocolate stains all over your mouth. It's pleasure!

Guilty Pleasure 7
All-day shopping spree - Forgetting about how much you earn per month! Yes!Buy that favourite top you want so much. That pair of shoes from Lacoste and that Gucci wallet you always wanted! Yes the monster mall of ION Orchard, Wisma Atria and Cineleisure are all inviting you with open arms!

Guilty Pleasure 6
Clubbing and just partying the night out (healthily) - Yes, only for people above 18 years old though! Hit the clubs, hit the lights, dress up, head down to Clarke Quay with your buddies for a good good night. Put away all that stress from work and school, get a few drinks, and probably get to know a few new friends! End the night by checking into one of the rooms at Marriot Hotel, overseeing Orchard Road! Yea and use the bathtub!

Guilty Pleasure 5
Fly to Bangkok (or Hongkong, KL), live like a king and spending MORE than you earn! - Trust me. Bangkok isn't a "slum" area. It isn't dirty. The people are beautiful and dead-drop gorgeous, a feast for your eyes! Check into a hotel for a much cheaper rate than in Singapore! The clothes, accessories and bags are cheap in the night markets. The shopping malls are for you if you want some high-end shopping. At night, check out Khao San, Patpong for Bangkok's exciting nightlife. Food is delicious and you will find your short-stay day a VERY pleasurable one. Oh and remember to just spend more than you earn, just for this once.

Guilty Pleasure 4
Swimming, sun-tanning, snorkelling on an island resort (not sentosa) - Yes, pack your bags, bring your board shorts, bikinis and head down to island resorts in the region. Phuket? Redang? Tioman? Phi Phi Island? The clear blue seas and skies and all its corals and beauty are WAITING FOR YOU!

Gulity Pleasure 3

Las Vegas - Travel in a limousine, strike it rich in the glittery casinos, dress up in tux and your evening gowns and strut your stuff down the streets of SIN CITY! Of course, getting wasted JUST for one night. Not for kids below 18 years old!

Guilty Pleasure 2
Sneak your friend into your room late at night when your parents are asleep! - Watch a movie together, snuggle up in dim lighting, facebook together, laugh and then kick your friend's ass home before your parents awake for work!

Guilty Pleasure NUMBER 1 !!!

Kiss the one you love - Not for kids though! Bring that special one to a romantic place. A park, a restaurant, Marina Barrage, Flyer, a quiet place, your room, a special place where 2 of you can have it your own way and then kiss. Aww.. THAT would be sweet eh. I think only those who have kissed your boy/girlfriend before would know

So that is it! Ten Guilty Pleasures. Ahh... I came up with this list just for you! So pick one and indulge!

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