Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Singapore Idol

Just watched Singapore Idol.

I think there must be something wrong with the set. The lightings seemed too bright, the stage seemed too cheapskate and small, as if Mediacorp was on a tight budget, the crowd seemed too quiet and the singers all sang horribly. They also looked horrible. I am not talking about their physical features, but their make-up, hair and clothes.

Gurmit Singh is a talented host, but he is not very camera-friendly. Looking at him for too long kinda disturbs me and makes me cringe. But then, he is one of the best choices available. So what to do.


Really. Everything's wrong about Singapore Idol.

Hady Mirza was there at the end and it was as if he always wanted to cut Gurmit Singh to say his lines.

I think Singaporeans should just try the Taiwanese market and not the English market. We just cannot make it when we sing English songs.

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