Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blood sucking bats in Singapore

I had a weird dream last night.

Singapore was infested with blood sucking bats. At first we thought they were flies but to our horror we soon realised they were bats.

This was one of the most vivid dreams.

I remember my friend and I were escaping and we reached Bukit Batok (behind my old house). I saw the forest behind my old house ad the beautiful sunset on the backdrop and decided to ask my friend to snap a photo of me and the backdrop. Ok this was a bit random but it happened in the dream.

She tried, but failed to take a pretty photo. So I scolded her for that and I remember we were in winter clothes. I don't know why but yea we were feeling cold in SUNNY SINGAPORE.

So then I rush her a bit and we ran towards the forest behind my old house to hide. Thousands of people were already running towards the forest. Children, the elderly, adults, everyone were carrying loads of stuff and running towardsthe forest.

Then as I raised my eyes towards the evening, orangey sky, the sun was suddenly blotted out. Swarms of bats have begun to descend on the crowd heading towards the forest! So big was the group of bats that the sunlight was blocked out.

Everything became chaotic and everyone started running! My friend and I ran throuh thick bushes, tall grass, trees and then suddenly I decided to change course.

I told my friend that it would be better to get out of the forest and get to a house quickly, seal ourelves up in the house and stay there till everything was ok.

And so we ran, and the next scene, we were knocking on someone's door to let us in. We went in and immediately we started sealing the windows, doors by nailing wooden planks on.

And the dream ended.


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