Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hope buying

My friend and I went to the civil service club at Bukit Batok today. We stumbled upon the Jackpot room.

It was quite an eye-opener, like what my friend said.

Rows and rows of aunties and uncles sitting in front of the Jackpot machines, pressing the same button over and over again.

Jackpot machines are SOLEY based on luck. So it's quite amazing how some people are willing to bet a fortune on pure luck/chance.

PERSONALLY, I feel we should NEVER BET on pure luck/chance. It's just not worth it.

Betting on pure luck/chance is PURE gambling too and produces little benefits.

However, if those aunties and uncles are really happy and theywant to "BUY a hope" with 20 dollars, I wouldn't say they are wrong. It's their life, their money and their way of buying a hope, and I wouldn't say they are wrong!

Hope buying or just pure gambling for pleasure?

I think all of us buy a hope somehow. We buy insurance. That is a kind of hope purchasing too, a kind of gambling. When we invest in anything, it is a kind of buying hope too, a calculated risk-taking.

Afterall, there is a famous saying that goes "Life is a gamble." We take risks everywhere we go. When we cross the road, we gamble with our lives. When we eat fast food, we gamble with our health. When we buy something we have never bought before, we take a calculated risk.

It was really amusing and yet AMAZING to see the aunties and uncles pressing away at the Jackpot machines.

Now I do believe we can buy hope. If $20 can make me happy for half an hour, and make me feel hopeful, I don't mind at all! :) :)

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