Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cheating on you

Can you accept it if your partner cheats on you?

Before you say "NO. My partner is the nicest person around. He/she will NEVER cheat.", I will tell you you are just gullible.

And before you say a resounding "NO! I will not forgive", let me ask you to consider a few points.

I think if my partner (if I had one) cheats on me, I would consider a few points -

1. Does my partner regret what she did?

2. Does my partner still have feelings for me?

3. Is my partner cheating on me for the FIRST TIME?

4. Can I on my part accept that humans do make mistakes? Even we ourselves are prone to commit infidelity.

5. Does my partner try to make it up to me afterwards?

It's tough to know that the one you love with all your life would give up his/her body, touch and emotions to another. But it's even tougher when it comes to whether we should forgive and move on with him/her.

If a guy cheats on you, is it legitimate to say that it's the make-up of guys to have a higher tendency to flirt and cheat? Afterall, I highly suspect most fathers/men do cheat in someway or another, directly or indirectly, emotionally or physically.

The most obedient men are sometimes the most cunning.

Girls do cheat more often than we think too, in all ways, in any way.

Well well, this question has been on my head for sometime. Not that I am facing with such a situation but I guess it does bother many couples everywhere.

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