Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes I think so

"We will take a walk in the park in spring, watch the sea together in summer. Then when the cold autumn wind blows, we will sit there and count the leaves and when winter comes and the snow falls, we will snuggle up together. Shall we?"

When we are in love, it is as if we fly without wings.
We become foolish. We do things we never thought we would.
When we love someone, we hope for that someone to be happy and safe in this complicated world.
How amazing and beautiful is the human love.
It makes us do crazy things.
It makes us give our whole lives, cliched but still true, when you experience it yourself.
It is more than enough just by looking into the eyes of the one you love.
How long will human love last?
I have heard of love that lasts only but a few days, or a few months.
But I have also heard of the power of human love that lasts an eternity.
The sweetest thing in life I think, is to grow old with the one you loved your whole life.
Isn't it?
Oh am I too foolish? Am I too indulging? Am I too blinded?
Then let me be, at least for this moment.
I am happy I know, when I am with you.

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