Monday, August 10, 2009

Unfortunate events

2 Republic poly students were ran down by the Malaysian train on Saturday morning. They were sitting on the railway track.

Goh Sheng Yao and Clara Lee Jing Yu were flung a few metres and died instantly. The girl turned out to be my friend's friend. Pretty disturbing.

Was it suicide? Was it an accident? Were the train lights off so the couple did not see the train? Was the driver SLEEPING? I am sure all of us are asking these questions. The boy's leg was severed, and he had an open head wound. The girl's leg was almost severed and had multiple wounds too.

This case reminded me of another case. 2 secondary school boys fell to their deaths about a year back, in August too. Witaya and Chan Hong were at Witaya's flat at Jalan Damai when the incident occured. Both of them apparently wrote things in their diaries that looked like suicidal notes. Words like "Kiss goodbye" and "Last day" were strewn all over their diaries.

Witaya, one of the boys who fell to his death

These people die suddenly and the reason for their deaths might never be known.

Heard from my friend the girl has been cremated today.

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