Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is everyone always made beautiful?

Some people like to say that everyone is made beautiful.

I don't agree with that.

I think it's an ideology created by ugly people so that they "look" good.

There are definitions in this world. Definitions help us understand the world better and know how to behave etc.

For example, if a person is fat, he is fat. He cannot be "slim" in any way, no matter how you justify it.

However if you say that beauty is subjective, that one can look good in Singapore, yet look ugly to Europeans, then that is correct.

But you cannot say that one can look good no matter where, no matter what and no matter when.

You cannot be beautiful whenever, wherever and however.

It is just lying to yourself.

It's a kind of self-deception.

I mean we all agree that Angelina Jolie is prettier than Patricia Mok right?

And Lin Feng (HongKong actor) is definitely more handsome than Hui Ge (Singapore comedian) right?

In Singapore, sharp noses, smooth skin, high cheek bones are generally accepted as pleasant looking while flat noses, "railway track" skin, and flat cheeks are GENERALLY accepted as ugly. At least in Singapore, this definition of beauty is WIDELY accepted. But of course if you go to some remote tribe in some remote place, the definition of beauty might change.

I think I look fine at least here in Singapore, not repulsive looking. But if I go to Africa or India, I might be the ugliest person around.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself in all honesty : Are you seriously beautiful or seriously ugly?

My whole point is beauty is subjetive. We, including myself can look ugly at times.

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