Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pragmatic Singaporeans

I remembered last year when I was in Hongkong, 2 Sikhs approached me to read my fortune.

The first thing I asked was "Need MONEY?"

They looked confused and said "Yes."

And I walked away. Of course, obviously I knew they were conmen. But if they were going to "con" me for free, I WOULD have let them read my fortune.

I think one of the things Singaporeans are well-known for is our pragmatism.

We are very practical city people. Need money, run first. Waste time, don't do. Time to knock off, quickly run. Got discount, be the first.

Look at the Singaporean Youtube videos. Singaporean videos can get a lot of hits from Singaporeans but you see very little comments. Why? Because Singaporeans are very pragmatic. They just want to watch and not waste time to comment. Clicking the button to comment and typing some words is a waste of time.

Look at videos from other countries. They get the same amount of hits, but much more comments. I suspect foreigners are more "Eng" (free) to do such things, whereas Singaporeans are more pragmatic.

Things that need money, or more time, Singaporeans are the first to "siam".

I guess this pragmatic attitude has helped Singaporeans survive in some ways. We are always first for the best deals and first to run away from "nonsense", time-wasting things.

We are Number One, afterall.

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