Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dedicated to those who clear our plates at kopitiams

I don't know about you guys but when I see petite old aunties trying to clear our tables at coffee shops, I feel really guilty.

It tugs at my heart but seriously I don't know what to do.

I could offer them 5 bucks as "tips" but would they see it as an insult?

Society has been cruel to them. For once, progress and prosperity have not been kind to these old people. They slogged all their lives when they were young for the nation and for their families and when they grow old, they still slog till they rest in their final places, because they just cannot catch up with the pace of society.

It's pretty sad, isn't it? If you are those people who don't even say "Thank you" to these old aunties who clear our tables, I depise you and I might even spit at you. (No, just joking) I think thanking them is the most basic comforting thing I can do for these amazing aunties.

If you are those people who think you have the right to be served by these old aunties and then scream "Yikes" loudly when the old aunties accidentally spill something onto you while clearing the tables, I think you have failed as a human being.

It's not just old aunties who clear tables, but my heart pains to see any old person having to work on the streets or beg on the streets.

There was once I offered this old aunty ten dollars who was collecting cardboard boxes at 3am at Chinatown. I told her to go home and rest for the day but she just rejected me nicely and told me she was fine. But I insisted on giving her that money and finally she accepted it, but continued to collect her cardboard boxes.

Ten dollars.

To us it's so little. But to her, ten dollars could buy her 3 to 4 meals. She could save it in her biscuit tin box and buy a new pillow maybe.

We could easily spend ten dollars on a single McDonald's meal (upsize please).

People, people, as we grow richer, stronger and wiser, have we forsaken our old people? Have we turned a blind eye to those old people sleeping in the streets of Chinatown? Have we forgotten to appreciate those old aunties who faithfully clear our filthy tables?

What have you done to help society at large?


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