Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you troubled, my friend?

photos by sylvester

When the skies darken and you feel are worried.
When everything seems hopeless and you don't know where to go.
When everyone seems to have left you and you have no one there.

Let me tell you that you can see a star shining even in the darkest skies, yes even if there is only one.
There is always the skies to look up to and there is always a moment for us take a deep breath.

There is always someone, a brother, a sister, a mother or a beloved friend who loves you religiously.

So why give up and why wail?
So why complain and why blame yourself?
So why cry through the night and beat the wall?

The mess you are going through, let me assure you, I understand.
Let me comfort you because we all have been through the darkest days.
And if I survived the ridicule of people, the moutains of troubles, then you can too.

Give a hug when you can.
Hold a hand as you wake up each day.

Give a kiss to someone you love so dearly while you can.

There is nothing too great for humanity because we have loved through time and still love.
We have conquered mountains, seas and the moons, what can we not conquer?
We have survived wars, plagues, diseases and death in all its glory.

So fear not my friend when you are scared.
Know that I love you and there are people who care.
Let us then pick ourselves up and press on.

So why cry softly to yourself?
So why cut your hands and your feet and delight in blood?
So why do we fight ourselves in the silence of the night?

Everything will be fine.
Be it a boy or a girl who left you, a passing of a loved one, great debts to settle, uncertainties or infirmities.
As long as you breathe one day, we can make the day better for ourselves and we can find the love we need.

Surely we can.

Surely we will.

And surely we must.

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