Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do you know that the history of Singapore predates 1819? The Greek astronomer, Claudius Ptolemaeus cited Singapore as 'Sabana' and said that it was a 'foreign trading port' in the 2nd century. A 3rd century Chinese writing recorded Singapore as 'Pu Luo Chung 蒲羅中', (Pulau Ujong, "island at the end"). In 1320, the Mongols sent their men to get elephants from a place called "Dragon Tooth Gate" believed to be now Keppel Harbour. Chinese traveller Wang Dayuan traveled to a place called 'Dan Ma Xi 淡馬錫', (Temasek) in 1330. In 1613, Portugese invaders razed the settlement at the Singapore river to ground, and Singapore became virtually unknown until 1819.

Singapore is known as one of the FOUR ASIAN TIGERS, which include Taiwan, Hongkong and South Korea. Strong economy, highly industralised, financial centres are some reasons why Singapore is termed as an Asian Tiger!
Do you know that Singapore land area has increased 20% because of reclamation?

Singapore was well-known to Americans in the 1990s (even now) for Michael Fay, an American teenage boy, convicted in Singapore for vandalism and imprisoned and caned. Despite the American people pleading for leniency for Michael Fay, Singapore still decided to cane Michael Fay in accordance to our laws. The caning drew a lot of protests in America and up till today, SOME Americans still view Singapore as the "caning" city.

Do you know that Singapore is 100% urbanised and 100% city? The farms we have covers only a small part of Singapore and have also been urbanised and modernised.

Singapore was the FIRST South-east Asian country to own a submarine!

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