Friday, August 7, 2009

22 signs you are a true blue Singaporean

22 signs you are a true blue Singaporean

1. You know all the acronyms like PIE, TPE, HDB, ERP, NP, TP, CCKSS, HG, STB, HPB, SAF, SM, MM etc.

2. You find it irritating when someone tries to flag a cab in front of you. Then, you try to run in front of the person.

3. You know how to sing "We are Singapore" and "Home" and "Count on me Singapore", but you don't really mean it.

4. You got a problem with Ah Guas at Changi but you loved seeing Jack Neo dress up as Liang Xi Mei and Liang Po Po in the 1990s.

5. You hang out at neighbourhood malls like Lot One, Tampines Mall or Causeway Point almost once every week.

6. When your foreign friend asks you what is so special about Singapore, you say food and when he/she probes further, you say shopping.

7. Your first question posted to new friends in social gatherings is "Eh what school you from?"

8. You start describing the bus as "Squeezy" when it is crowded. You say "Can." when you agree to do something. You say "More better!" when something is better.

9. You like anything that's Americanised from GAP, MTV, Starbucks, McDonald's, donuts, burgers, etc., even though you are Asian and live thousands of miles away from America.

10. You use words like "Diam la!", "Talk cock", "Don't lei", "Please la", "Really hor?", "Got coupon?", "Where toilet ah?" without shame and without guilt that you are destroying the English language.

11. You did National Service.

12. You know all the names of all the shopping malls in town.

13. You go to Chinatown during Chinese New Year, Geylang Serai during Hari Raya, Little India during Deepavali and Orchard during Christmas.....

14. You like chicken rice, char kway teow, hokkien mee, rojak, laksa, prawn mee, fishbal noodles.

15. You think Singapore is more powerful than Malaysia, well....somehow.

16. You think Johor Bahru is EXTREMELY dangerous and a place full of robbers, rapists and killers.

17. You like fruits that smell like poo, and you admire two structures by the river that resembles the fruits.

18. You can accept the Merlion.

19. You know what it is like to be "kiasu" - to be first in class, to be first in school, to be first in the queue, (bus queue, hello kitty queue, food court queue), to be first to get up the bus, to be first to knock off etc.

20. You know when Indonesia's haze is coming again and you curse and swear at them even though they sell us sand.

21. You speak Singlish to "Ang Mohs" and when they speak, you think they speak weird and you speak proper English.

22. You tell people your spoken Mandarin/Malay/Tamil is not good, but your spoken English isn't far better too.

(P.S I love Singapore by the way:) )

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